What is the correct Resveratrol Dosage?

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Some important research on Optimum Resveratrol Dosage to be effective began in the 1990′s and since then the topic of resveratrol has gained a wider audience among scientific communities. Resveratrol molecule has become one of the most intensely studied supplements on the market today.

The pressing question about resveratrol is about what is the right dosage for human consumption especially to measure resveratrol weight loss qualities.

Though resveratrol positive benefits has long been be established with numerous and experiments that resveratrol has many positive properties yet there is much about resveratrol that we do not know. The experiment with mice by Dr. David Sinclair, from the Harvard Medical School showed that resveratrol weight loss antioxidant is effective and the result is very promising.

Excessive fat diet in the mice showed symptoms just like humans who became become obese. They show signs of low energy level, lethargic and a propensity to develop liver diseases and became over weight and then, they start to develop diabetes and cancer, and many died at an early age. Mice on high fat diet with resveratrol showed none of these symptoms. In fact, their levels in all aspects of health were nearly identical to those of the mice eating a healthy diet.

If we can correlate the resveratrol dosage given to the mice with an average human then the resveratrol dosage given to mice with human equivalent for a 160-pound adult is approximately 1500 milligrams. Some studies published in nature magazine show a lower resveratrol dosage of 364 milligrams also produced similar benefits. In the Harvard experiment the mice were fed on a 60% fat diet and an average American only consume about 45% of their daily calories from fat. It may be that as much 180 milligram per day can be appropriate for humans whose fat calories intake is as low as 34%.

For drinker of  drink red wine, a litre of red wine may only contain 13 milligram of the resveratrol dosage and this may not be sufficient or a effective way of getting the daily resveratrol dosage. It is clear that drinking wine is not the best way to obtain a sufficient consistent amount of resveratrol for health since its concentration is unpredictable, depending on growing conditions of the grapes and wine making processes. If the wine not made with naturally grown grapes, it may contain no resveratrol at all.

Since it is important to know how much of resveratrol we are getting each day, the safe way to getting the required amount of resveratrol dosage is to take a standardized extract.  Standardization makes certain a consistent amount of resveratrol with consistent high quality is taken.  The high quality resveratrol comes from Europe.  French grapes known for their high resveratrol content. The resveratrol is extracted together with other compounds (polyphones) that naturally occur with it.

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